What Can NLP Do for you?

It’s been hard for me to start blogging because I’ve been working on writing a book pretty much since the inception of this site and company. Currently the book is in editing stages (about half way through) so I may still be willy-nilly on my blogging but will try and be more available than I have been for you in the future. So continue checking here for excerpts and topics of the book as the book goes towards publication.

Additionally, I am sorry about how fairly plain or infantile in nature my blog appearance is. I am unfamiliar with WordPress and I get that the more I use it the more I will understand how to modify it for my purposes. So stay tuned for changes in what this blog looks like as I learn to use it.

One of the things I do realize about blogs is the great forum and opportunity they are of having others such as yourself, take a personal trip through experience of the writer and allowing you to join them in their experience. So to that purpose, I will do my best at explaining and demonstrating the uses, and my own experiences of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) (Or “Neuro-Linguini Programming” as Carl sometimes calls it). I assume, that’s why you might be tuning into this blog.

I didn’t start out being pro-NLP and I honestly fell into it by accident. I’m the type of learner that can usually read something any be able to instantly apply it…but I found that there was something missing from the books that write about NLP to the actual application of the techniques. And, because my business has been for a long time has been about changing the way people think, I was suggested over and over again to look into NLP.

So my aim is that by use of this blog as a forum that you will be able to understand what is truly missing from the application of NLP information that is out there in the current advent of books and maybe from the forum of this blog through the use of multitude of media (again, as I learn how to incorporate it here) you can gain the essence of what information you need for your own NLP learning, self processing, etc.

But before I begin launching into how to use certain techniques to create a result you may want to what you can accomplish with this information…

This is one of the most frequently asked questions I seem to get as a practitioner. When someone asks me this my brain launches into: “What can’t you get from NLP?” because the results are so amazingly diversified and affect so many different areas at once. I’ve done the research for you and here’s a pretty comprehensive list of goals and issues NLP can resolve.

Physical health issues relating to:
• Immune System
• Pain Management
• Asthma
• Tension
• Stress
• Psychosomatic Illness
Emotion issues relating to:
• Grief & Loss
• Depression
• Feeling Stuck
• Anxiety
• Recurring Fears
• Panic & Phobias
• Anger Management
• Trauma Recovery
• Post Traumatic Stress (PTSD)
Relationship issues relating to:
• Marriage & Family
• Couples
• Childhood Memories & Patterns
• Childhood Abuse & Abandonment
• Divorce
• Spousal Abandonment
• Isolation
• Inability to Forgive
• Double-Binds
• Verbal Abuse
• Physical Abuse
• Peer Pressure
Career issues relating to:
• Unclear Direction
• Lack of Motivation
• Loss of Job Satisfaction
• Communication Difficulties
• Interview Nervousness
• Feeling Stuck
• Procrastination
• Project Completion
• Creative Blocks
Self issue relating to:
• Weak Self-Confidence
• Chronic Self Criticism
• Inner Conflicts
• Limiting Beliefs
• Learning Disabilities
• Indecision
• Poor Self Image
• Low Self Esteem
• Loneliness
• Shame
• Denial
• Shyness
• Guilt
Management of your:
• Emotions
• Attitude
• Expectation
• Physiology
• Consistency
• Choice
Conflict resolution for:
• Balancing Needs
• Getting to ‘Yes’
• Finding Common Ground
• Creating Alliances
• Honoring Core Values
• Taming the Inner Critic
• Unconscious Cooperation
Building communication skills for:
• Creating Rapport
• Connecting w/o Losing Oneself
• Effective Language Patterns
• Responding to Criticism
• Non-Verbal Communication
• Curiosity & Receptivity
• Sponsoring the Best in Others
• Training Skills
• Reframing
Goal creation:
• Structuring Effective Goals
• Making Irresistible Goals
• Putting Goals Into Action
• Tracking Progress
• Adjusting Course
• Tuning into Results
Empowering beliefs by:
• Creating Supportive Beliefs
• Modifying Outdated Beliefs
• Releasing Unhealthy Beliefs
• Desirability
• Possibility
• Capability
• Worthiness
Creating inner quiet by generating:
• Peaceful States
• Deep Relaxation
• Living in The Moment
• Allowing What Is, To Be
• Releasing Worries
• Letting Go
Creating focus and concentration for:
• Organizing Thoughts
• Filtering Distractions
• Selecting Attention
• Sharpening Focus
• Getting In “The Zone”
• Maintaining Focus & Direction
Building centering and resourcefulness for:
• Connecting to The Center
• Accessing Resources
• Getting Grounded
• Aligning Inner Levels
• Relaxed Alertness & Safety
• Coordinating Time & Action
• Connecting to Abundance
• Attracting Good Things & People
Building motivation for:
• Moving Toward Desires
• Moving Away From Pain
• Creating Propulsion Systems
• Making Motivation Purposeful
• Rediscovering Inspiration
• Removing Obstacles
• Getting Started
• Taking Care of Business
• Getting It Done
Producing authentic agreements by:
• Inviting Discussion
• Reaching Agreement
• Achieving Clarity
• Getting Closure
• Honoring Promises
• Handling Slips
• Keeping Clean, Clear and Current
Building creativity and inspiration by
• Preparing the Mind
• Opening Possibilities
• Keeping Faith in the Source
• Taming the Inner Critic
• Overcoming Lethargy
• Tuning Attention
• Allowing the Unexpected
Creating inner cooperation for goals and issue resolution by:
• Inviting the Whole Person
• Healthy Inner Dialogue
• Self Organizing Mind & Body
• Forging New Possibilities
• Trying On New Ways
• Putting Change Into Action
Becoming assertiveness and building self esteem by:
• Becoming Authentic
• Creating & Maintaining Safety
• Designing Effective Boundaries
• Showing Up
• Responding with Ease
•Appropriate Speaking
• Valuing Self
• Discovering Inner Support
• Self Sponsoring
• Authoring a Better Self
• Creating Core Self Confidence
Creating effective decision strategies through:
• Evaluating Options
• Organizing Complexity
• Aligning with Core Values
• Recognizing A Good Decision
• Setting Intention
• Getting the Timing Right
• Taking First Steps
• Solidifying Decisions
• Creating Determination
• Applying Persistence
• Undoing Mistakes
Creating goals that produce results:
o Achieving Performance Excellence
o Enjoying Mind, Body and Emotional Health
o Finding Peace With Memories
o Creating Wealth & Prosperity
o Enjoying Life
o Accomplishing More
o Feeling More Calm
o Feeling More Self-Confident
o Attracting the Right Kind of People
o Creating & Maintaining Good Relationships
o Relaxation and Confidence
o Sleeping Better
o Having Better Choices in life
o Making Better Decisions
o Being More in Control of Our Lives
o Making Use of Our Hidden Potential
o Being at Peace with Ourselves
o Knowing Who We Are

Tracy Slotin, MBA,
 Certified Master Practitioner of NLPMarin Style NLP