So I’m waiting for my Constellation session to start…

I’m sitting here waiting for 6:30 to roll around where I get to show some eager NLP learners some pretty cool tricks of the trade. Tonight and on the 13th (and was also held on the Nov.30th) we are doing, or I am holding Family Constellations.

My NLP training infused this other training that was created by Virginia Satir and further developed by Bert Hellinger and still further developed by Michelle Masters and Carl Buchheit of NLP Marin.

As a trainer/facilitator this is one of the most amazing thing I get to do because I get to give  a whole group at one time, peace and they get it every cell in their body, down to their toes. When I was a first attendee, I found constellations disorienting, the information wouldn’t just leave my head… it was weird – or so I thought because I didn’t understand how it works… and the one thing Bert Hellinger maintains – he doesn’t know how it works, it just does… and that’s my attitude – it just helps me clear the systematic complication that despite our human trying to get away, we just end up pulling us in time and time again.

I think this quote really state what constellations is about: :In a family of thieves, the one who does steal feels guilt.” The object is to resolve issues that may not have belonged to you, so you can have your life.

But aside from that, if you ever have been interested in energy work and wonder if information is truly transferred from one person to the other unconsciously – then this is some you might want to come and try it out one night with me at and come a experience the difference it could make in your life.

If not, please feel free to drop me a line and we can schedule a trial session over skype where I can introduce to some of this over a phone or internet cable…

…well times almost up and my people will be here soon… got to get ready.

Wishing you love and peace,


Founder of NLP Vancouver
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