Presupposition #8:The outcome is the true intention (for the part generating the outcome)

At some level, we are always in control and doing exactly what we want. Much of our true motivation is out of consciousness and is based on beliefs that are out of our consciousness (we are not conscious we are making our decisions based on hidden beliefs). Self-actualization comes to the degree that we are able to take responsibility for all of our experience.

Have you ever blamed someone else for your issues? Like a loved one… have you ever got mad at someone for something and then felt worse? Many times this is because we are in control of doing exactly what we want. And, although it is scary and humbling to take on our own issues, it causes us to grow in some wonderful magical ways.

The exercise of taking on more and more responsibility for our actions allows others to be off the hook or free of being encumbered by unknown expectation. Sometimes our younger more vulnerable parts of ourselves act out. For those parts of the action we took was the intention of those younger versions of us even if our elder parts of ourselves know those behaviors are unwarranted and inappropriate. NLP helps us seek those younger versions of ourselves to allow them to heal and effectively grow them up.

Tracy Joy is an NLP practitioner, author, and speaker in Vancouver, Canada. She is an international business expert in the area of human systems analysis and thinking change. If you have brain questions, send them Tracy and she’ll answer them on this blog. She can be reached through