Presupposition #4: People already have all the resources they need

People already have access to rich internal resources and strategies, and therefore they can make whatever changes they want. Most change and development are simply a matter of effectively accessing those resources at the appropriate times and places. The problem, when there is one, is usually something that impedes access to these resources.

So think, tip of the tongue: You know, when you know something, you know you know something and yet you can’t form the words to present the information to another human being. This is an access problem. Think about the last time you misplaced your keys or something else. This is also an access problem. Now think of the time you wanted to make a smart remark at someone who pissed you off, and you couldn’t only to have the smart remark come to you hours later when it was useless. A George Costanza moment (for you Seinfeld fans…)… This is an access problem… but mild version of blanking on an entire test (like, I was used to having), or having a flashback so large and so vivid and not being able to access the common reality we seem to agree on… 

All behavior and experience has a positive intention… usually the negative stuff is to warn you of a potentially dangerous situation… just sometimes the pain is from the perspective of a 3-year old

People are always doing the best that they can…  just sometimes it causes us a great deal of re-hurt (or our brain to reviews a painful memory but we only feel the pain from the memory. The memories were practiced previously we don’t get the visuals, smells, tastes, and sounds.

People already have all the resources they need… they just have a bit of problem accessing those resources.

Our mental images, inner voices, sensations, and feelings are the basic building blocks of all our mental and physical resources. These were created in our lives from decisions we made that created our beliefs, values, attitudes and even life themes or they may just have affected our perceptions over time. We can use these resources to build up any thought, feeling, or skill we want, and then place them in our lives where we want or need them most. The problem with this is that the many decisions we made were made either unconsciously or at a very earl age and forgotten. And, this is what has shaped our current ability to access our resources.

Tracy Joy is an NLP practitioner, author, and speaker in Vancouver, Canada. She is an international business expert in the area of human systems analysis and thinking change. If you have brain questions, send them Tracy and she’ll answer them on this blog. She can be reached through