Have you or your child been diagnosed with ADD or ADHD?

I had trouble in school. It wasn’t that I wasn’t bright because I seemed to tutor people that got A’s. But, I couldn’t seem to get the grades no matter how hard I tried or what type of studying I did. I was diagnosed after university with ADD.

And, I was satisfied with that diagnosis until I learned NLP from Carl Buchheit in California. I was the class example of a “bad speller”… but Carl said I wasn’t a bad speller I just had a “bad auditory memory.”

When we unpacked the memory (This is something I frequently do with my clients: I unpack an old memory that is unconsciously triggers a response that keeps a person  from getting what they want in life.) we found that when ever I was stressed, in an exam or test situation, I heard my mother voice say I was stupid and then I would feel bad and not be able to go back to spelling the word or answering the question on a test.

Many times bad feelings take us off course… they get in the way of what we want and what we can and want to accomplish in our lives. NLP uses many different techniques to change the perspectives that created current results (those bad feelings) so that those memories and thoughts work better for us and allow us to achieve what we want in life.


Tracy Joy is an NLP practitioner, author, and speaker in Vancouver, Canada. She is an international business expert in the area of human systems analysis and thinking change. If you have brain questions, send them Tracy and she’ll answer them on this blog. She can be reached through www.TherapeuticNLP.com