Have you ever had a brain injury? If so, do you have issues with your memory or learning etc?

I’ve had a number of clients that have come to me with a brain injury. They were deemed fit by their doctors, but when I asked them to do certain things for me in a session they weren’t able to do it because of the headache they had from what I asked them to do.

One person claimed he was terrible speller and seemed like he was a visual learner when speaking to him but and auditory learner when he was in front of me.

Another person had issues with scheduling anything beyond 24 hours and wasn’t learning from his previous mistakes. He also, said that although he himself was a NLP practitioner, none of the NLP he did ever worked on him. Again when I asked him to do certain things for me in a session he weren’t able to do it because of the headache he had from what I asked him to do.

So here’s the exercise: while keeping your head perfectly straight move your eyes in a circular pattern from looking at the ceiling to looking to your right, then down at the floor, then to your left and then to the ceiling again. Repeat this exercise in the other direction. If there is a space where your eyes go that has you get a headache, keep pushing your eyes in that direction until you don’t get a headache any more.

If you don’t work this area, you can loose access to very important and useful areas of your brain and not realize it.  If you don’t have any pain, you’re fine and the exercise was worth the exploration.


Tracy Joy is an NLP practitioner, author, and speaker in Vancouver, Canada. She is an international business expert in the area of human systems analysis and thinking change. If you have brain questions, send them Tracy and she’ll answer them on this blog. She can be reached through www.TherapeuticNLP.com