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Client Attraction provides you with a behavioral tool you can use to appeal to the people in your life building deeper, more satisfactory relationships. By experiencing this material through Tracy’s own eyes, you will capture her learning’s instantly using the lens of your own life experiences. Once aware of these patterns your brain will highlight every occurrence in your own life, making new information available to you on how to better communicate with these individuals.

Although the book is designed to teach marketers and sales people, it is extremely powerful for any one who wants to have better relationships with the people in their lives. Discover your own unique value system and how to uncover other’s hidden values in their language and actions.

Client Attraction is a powerful, scientific tool based on research. It can help you indicate culturally based traits that were modified as you started to interact with your environment. Discover the unique way you think and behave. Unlock your personal potential as well as the people around you. And, have the people around you experience what it’s like to be truly heard.