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I learned NLP, but what you're able to do goes way beyond the scope of anything I learned!

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Therapeutic NLP - The Process

My processes have altered slightly through the years to be able to deal with the type of clients I see in my office. For instance, when I started doing NLP I would run 2-3 hour sessions. I found that I was just skimming the surface of what I could do for my clients and if I extended the session I was able to do more. Now I ask my clients to bring everything that bugs them and we work on all of those things until their brain is tired.

My concept of change whether it has been in business or personally has always been around the fact that people will only changed what they themselves are convinced of needs to change. People will continue to do things they want to receive the short term benefit they are getting from the action they are doing no matter how painful it seems on the surface.

So for an example, a smoker remains a smoker because the perceived immediate benefits out weigh the negatives. Much like a borderline personality disorder individual will keep hurting others (typically their children and others close to them) that destabilize them so they don't feel annihilated by the shame and guilt of their existence of not knowing how to deal with the destabilizing individual.

Until a person feels safe enough in who they are and the space they live they will not and cannot change due to their brain's assessment of continual threat. If a safe enough environment can be created, then the individual's brain can stabilize the desired change. This is what I do in a session and this is why such a wide variety of change is available.

Many of my clients come and see me after spending many thousands of dollars and even more of their time on many different therapies without resolution. They continue to suffer and live with their emotional pain. Many times these vary therapists claim their patient's unsolvable problems are related to something in their head.

I agree, it is something in their head!

It's a memory that once provided them safety. Now, this same memory is creating an unwanted effect. I guarantee I can provide you with immediate relief and resolution without medication - or the session is free. - Tracy